Summon Item

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The Blazing Moon, similar to the pumpkin moon/frost moon Is a challenging fight even for the elite players,with 5 bosses,3 Minibosses,and 1 Boss this would be a challenging but fun night.The way to summon this is to find the blazing orb somewhere in the world,this is acquired somewhere in the underworld/dungeon after the golem and plantera is killed.The lihzarhd altar,also used to summon the golem.Is used to summon this battle, it can be summoned during the day,but does not come into action until nighttime.It will come in waves, similar to the other moons.End-Game armour would be advised.The moon would last until you died 7 times.So new people wouldnt be stuck in the everlasting moon.It can also be ended by finishing all of the monsters


The enemies are all fire based, this is them in order of spawning.The enemies will spawn in certain times and not spawn again in certain times.

Flaming Zombie

These zombies replace the regular zombies for a whole night.These will be in every wave no matter what.They inflict the On Fire! Buff for 5 seconds 




Burning Flight Imps

Weaker than zombies but stealthier and smart,they usually target weaker players and lift them high into the sky,burning them until they drop them.Like Flaming Zombies,they inflict the On Fire! buff for 5 seconds.

Health 25-54



Blazing Wheel

Already an enemy,but in terraria it is rare and only spawns in dungeons.In the Blazing Moon they are common and spawn anywhere.They are not changed other than that though.



Defense:100 (These are one of the most aggrovating enemies in the Blazing Moon,because they cannot be damaged from other than thorns potions or lava.This would probably be the reason people would die for the first time because they dont have a lava moat ready.)

Blazing Army

With 2 Enemies and 1 Miniboss in this army,they can spawn in hordes and become exceptionally annoying.

Flame Knight

In 2 Variatons,comes in Molten Hamaxe and what looks like a true nights edge on fire (Flamebringer)Do not have a difference other than the drops.They dont pack much of a punch to advanced players but do eat up health in hordes.The best way to avoid these are ranged weapons.




Blazing Archer

Like the knights,2 variations,one holds a Molten Fury while the other holds a Pheonix Blaster.They are best taken out with magic.But watch out,they can tear through a person with 400 health!




Flame Paladin

Similiar to paladin,the miniboss of the army,These will tear through even advanced players.


Attack: 125


The next minibosses (2) are probably as strong as some bosses,but as I said this usually needs endgame armour.

Gargoyle of Flames

SImiliar to the Imps,but bigger and definately stronger.Ranged items are unnafected to him except with explosion bullets.He will fly around throwing flaming boulders at the player that take 75 damage,He also charges.


Attack:75 (Boulder) 125 (Charge)


Burning Skeletron

A red skeletron with 3 attacks that will destroy  through your health

Health:7200 (Head) 1000(Hands)

Damage:10 (From Left hand,shoots greek fire that takes 10 damage every second to the player and then disapears after 10 seconds)125 (From head,he shoots flaming boulders than can be taking out in midair by MAGIC only,will disapear after hitting the player)50(From right hand,he shoots mini lockon firebolts that chase the player and disappear if not hit the player in 5 seconds.)



Eye of God

A massive eye as big as cthulu,but stays in the background,the eye has a giant lasor that follows the player arround until the boss blinks,when the boss blinks he will be invisable and reapear in a different spot,he can only move when invisable