the boss rush has every boss in after the other. pre-hardmode bosses will be buffed in boss rush and goblin army spawns the goblin king (see below)frost army has the ice lord and pumpkin moon has the jack-o-lord

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                                                                                                                                                the goblin king is a new boss in the boss rush event. he has 12500 hp 25 dmg (ranged) 100 dmg (melae) and he can summun servants (165 hp 40 dmg) he drops 25 gold 1 power gem in the accecories section) and the goblin blade (see in weapons section)

the frost lord looks like ice golem but 2x bigger has a crown and a staff. he has 15000 hp 50 dmg (ranged) 125 dmg (malae) he can summon minor ice golems (200 hp 50 dmg) he drops 30 gold and the overcharged snowball cannon

the jack-o-lord has 20000 hp 65 dmg (ranged) 150 dmg (malea) and summons minions (250 hp 60 dmg) and drops the pumpkin blade and 50 gold.

the dark overlord is summoned when you kill all the bosses. he has 100,000 hp does 75 dmg (ranged) 200 dmg (melae) summons minions (350 hp 75 dmg) he drops the death blade 1 platnum the curropted gem and 50-100 evil orbs:




the goblin blade is a...blade.....thats green.......thats made by......GOBLINS! suprise! auto swings at fast speed doing 75 dmg. its a big sword that has a 15% chance to critical hit.

death blade:does 125 dmg auto swing shooting 3 fireballs that do 60 dmg at normal speed......this is a strong weapon. it looks black on one side and red on the other. it also lets off black and red particals. the sword itself is pretty big.....the fire balls are an okay size....the only down side is that it consumes 20 mana each time you swing it (if you dont have mana it will just shoot one fireball)

the pumpkin blade is an upgrade to the horsemans dosent summon SHOOTS homeing pumpkins. 100 dmg 60 with the pumpkins constant swing very fast speed.did i metion the pumpkins do 75 dmg and that the sword summon 2 pumpkins? you dont even heve to hit an enemy for the pumpkins.


the overcharged snowball cannon is a good weapon if you have a snow biome it does 66 dmg (4 more with snowballs) at snowball shooting speed continuous fire 0% crit chance


the power gem is a item.......that when you combine with any a tinkerers workshop....makes that item 1.5x better (eg an item that gives 10% malae damage will give 15% malae damage)

the corrupted gem is the same as the power gem but 75% accesory increace instead of 50% 

the orb of power is the power gem+the corrupted gem at the tinkerers workshop that increaces the efect of the accesory by 100%

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