Botanics are like the hallow. They spawn on Corruption Worlds, always.



  • Power Flower - Attacks by spinning petals. Head is like a thrown flail.
  • Ent - Rarely found. Disguises as tree.
  • Rafflesia Bomber - Acts like Crabmeat.
  • Palm Brawler - Literally attacks with his palms. Everytime attacked, coconuts are launched. Found in Botanic Deserts.
  • Acornpus - In water, it tries to attack by jumping on you. In air, it releases 8 branches. On land, it acts like a Blazing Wheel.


There's the same ones except for Palm Brawler in the Cavern.

  • Mandrake - Whips leaves.
  • Cacti Crawler - Found in Botanic Deserts. It crawls on walls. Once near you, it jumps off the wall to inflict Obstructed on you.