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how to summonEdit

first you must kill the Chaos moon once you do yhat you get a message...the chaos is here.....when you see that chaos dungeun will appear 200 blocks below the max hight and above your spawn.for more info to summon him click on that link to chaos dungeun.

HIM (story)Edit

a boy named alex was in a dark and creepy realm known as the corruption. it was in terror and alex was terrified.

an evil creture unknow to him was hovering above him. it was a absobo reaper. the reaper acted fast and created a dark votex around him. the reaper then prceeded to suck alex into him. alex was the great grandson of redgits leader so he powered the reaper so much it created....chaos.

HIM (boss fight)Edit

he has 200K hp 9999 chao defence 250 defence and 50 true defence.

he fly around shooting scythes that do 3000 chao dmg (get 1 true defence and this will only do 2000 dmg)

he also shoots constant lazors that do 1000 true damage (1 chao armor makes it do 100 less damage)

he also shoots fireballs that do 100 normal damage.

AND summoning dead walkers

at 100K hp he summons elites of chaos and all atacks do 25% more damage

at 50K hp he stops and makes it so all enemies and you stop moveing for 10 secs. after 10 seconds is over you have to take a quiz. much corruption is in your world? awnser 1:less than 50%. awnser 2:more than half.

2.who am i? awnser 1:a donut. awnser 2:a pain. awnser 3:a little boy (almost)

3.what am i made of? awnser 1:darkstone. awnser 2:fire.  awnser 3:a lot of dark microbots. awnser 4:death itslef

if you awnser all 3 right the battle will continue. if you awnser 2 right he returns to 150K hp (the quiz can not accur again) if you awnser 1 right you die.


corrupt blade:70000 chao damage 500 damage and 40 true damage

balance blade: 20000 of each damage

true terra blade: 70000 true damage 675 normal damage and 20 chao damage

orb of chaos:100-250 used in crafting all craftable chao equpment

brocken portal:rapair it to go to the realm of terror