Dark Protoplasm is dropped from The Reaper. It can be crafted into special items.

It can drop 10-55.


Sand Compacter

Can convert sand into diamond, here you can take 50 sand and combine it into a diamond.

Tooltip : Makes diamond craftable from sand.

Sell Value : 5 Gold

Made with 15 Dark Protoplasm

Demon Statue

Gives the Satanic Debuff. (Lowers life regen, and gives 10% damage increase) for 3 minutes.

Placing a angel statue beside it will give 3 more minutes.

Tooltip : Lower life regeration and more damage, duration increases with angel statues.

Sell Value : 10 Gold

Made with 25 Dark Protoplasm


Tooltip : Turn craftable items into the ingredients for the cost of 1 gold,

Sell : 15 Gold

Made with 35 Dark Protoplasm


50 Melee Damage

Insane Knockback

Tooltip : Each moster killed spawns a Dark Heart in a random place.

Made with 100 Dark Protoplasm

Dark Heart

Tooltip : Makes a ghost heart that work when normal hearts hit 0, and provides a second health bar.

(When it is active monster spawn rate doubles, can be used 10 times.)