It's dawn, you mixed corruption with crimson, in hope to get a Key Mold you still haven't got. Then, when Dawn comes, EVIL. Evil happens. The Dawn becomes perfectly deadly, deadly enough to start a battle...


It's the same as Sludgement Day and the Night of the Living Crimson, but instead more threatning.


Basically, there's crimson varients of the corruption and corrupt varients of the crimson. Only one new enemy (out of the varients) is in this event, and that's the..

  • YinYang Roller - Or Crimrupter. It rapidly shoots bouncy projectiles. Threatning to unprepared players.

Boss FightEdit

It spawns in three Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu, but with equal stats as you. Basically, after that, Croakichor and Corrupt Widow attack you. After that fight, you'll have to fight Splitter, Who's basically a Corrupt Ghost combined with a Crimson Ghost.

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