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First, craft a sacrificial Altar (1 Guide Voodoo Doll , 1 Mannequin , 30 of every soul except flight)(I know, Super Ex-pensive) at a demon altar. It looks like a Mannequin with spikes on its back. You place it in the Underworld and if you place a full set of Familiar clothes on it, the altar will disappear and the message" The Wall of Death is arriving" will appear in the bottom left corner. You will be given two Terrarian Days to prepare. It will arrive on the end of the 2nd day and you will be notified 3 minutes before it arrives to get to the Underworld. If it arrives and you are not in the Underworld, you will immediately die. When it arrives, it inflicts the Horrified Debuff and all of your NPCS will die. Below are the Details for the Wall of Death.

12000hp and looks like Wall of Flesh except made out of Ebonstone.

Two eyes and a mouth.(20 defence each and 60 defence respectively)

Eyes shoot Cursed flames similarly to Spazmatism of the Twins. Cursed Flames do 40 dmg

Mouth shoots out World Feeders when health falls beneath 6000.

Drops two of these: TrollHammer(Behaves like Pwnhammer but with 54dmg)(Common), Light Master( 70dmg, gives off light and has AutoFire)(rare), Ultishark(Improved Megashark with 42dmg and 60% chance not to consume ammo)(common), Wyvern Wings(Similar to normal Wings but more flight time)(semi-rare) and Feather Rifle(shoots Harpy Feathers and does 50 dmg)(Common).

When killed the message "Endgame mode has begun! <WORLDNAME> may be doomed/saved(depends on whether you have more Hallow or Corruption but has no real effect)."

Changes to Hallow/ Corruption: Hallow can now spread over Corruption and vice-versa. Hallowed mobs now do not attack the player unless attacked. Star falls are now 30% more common in Hallow.


All damage below is assumed to be taken with Adamantite Armor(Melee set)(46 def) New Jungle mob: Jungle Stalker(60dmg and has 320hp, drops 2-7 Jungle Spores and a Stinger)

New Underworld mob: Lava Dragon( 80dmg, 550hp, set players on fire, flies, drops 10-20 hellstone and Phoenix Sandals)

New Surface Corruption mob: Corrupt Warrior(80dmg, 400hp, slows and silences players, drops 1-9 Demonite Bars)

New Underground Corruption mob: Ebon Golem(looks like a 3x2 piece of Ebonstone and attacks when players get near, 550hp, 65dmg, drops 5-40 Ebonstone and Fist of Saturn)

New surface/underground Hallow mob: Purifier(similar to Corruptor, 220hp, spits Holy Spit and spreads Hallow)

New Underground mob: Rabid Bat(280hp, 85dmg, Poisons players)

New Desert mob: Tarantula(300hp, 55dmg, inflicts Bleeding, drops 0-3 Silk)

New Floating Islands mob: Alienator(Spawns on Islands, shoots lasers, 300hp,70dmg)

New Ocean mob: Undead Diver(Attracted to player when in water, inflicts Broken Armor, 500hp, 65dmg, drops Aqua Sandals and 0-6 Glowsticks)


Twin Ubertrons of Galaxies: Summoned at night using Mechanical Screw(Mech Worm+Mech Skull+Mech eye at Demon Altar).

Behaviour: 2 eyeballs, one is Eradicator and other is Torturer. Torturer shoots a beam that reduces your damage and defense by half and Eradicator shoots Cursed Flames really fast(4x speed of Spazmatism).

Eradicator 1st phase: Eradicator has 40000hp, melee does 100dmg,Ranged does 70dmg. Doesn't really close in to melee but occasionally charges the player. 20000hp activates 2nd phase.

Torturer 1st Phase: 30000hp, melee does 70dmg, ranged beam does no damage. Beam reduces player's damage and defense and is always following the player even when off-screen. 10000hp activates 2nd phase.

Eradicator 2nd phase: Explodes and a giant Ebonstone worm spawns in its place. Worm behaves like Destroyer and releases Staring Eyes when damaged. Eyes do 50dmg, go through blocks and have 200hp. Eradicator does 70dmg(Head), 50dmg(Body) and 30dmg(Tail).

Torturer 2nd phase: Explodes and a Metal Skull spawns in its place. Behaves like Skeletron Prime without arms but will permanantely chase the player with its spinning head attack. Does 130dmg in this phase and any blocks it goes through will turn into Ebonstone, even if it is a Hallowed block(eg. Pearlstone).

Drops: 50-70 souls of Ender(Minecraft Ref I know) and 2 stacks of Greater Healing Potions. When defeated, the message "The TUGs have been defeated! Peace has been restored in the Universe!" and all Surface Corruption(as in not past the dirt layer) in the world will disappear and Underground Corruption will not spread. Normal Underground Corruption mobs will spawn and Corruptors can still spread Corruption through Vile Spit attack.


Note: These armors are really much more powerful than Hallowed to accomodate the insane amount of damage dealt.

Corrupt ArmorEdit

Helmet:35 def, negates all debuffs except Horrified and Potion Sickness(Cursed Inferno, Bleeding, etc).Crafted using 10 Souls of Night, 10 Souls of Fright and 8 Mythril Bars

Headgear:35 def, reduces damage from Corruptors to 1.Crafted using 10 souls of Night, 10 souls of Sight and 8 Cobalt Bars.

Mask: 35 def, reduces damage from World Feeders to 1. Crafted using 10 Souls of Night, 10 Souls of Might and 8 Adamantite Bars.

Breastplate: 29 def, +15% Attack speed and Dmg. 10 Souls of Night, 5 Souls of Sight,Might and Fright and 20 Adamantite Bars.

Greaves: 28 def, +15% movement speed and jump height increased to 12 blocks. 10 Souls of Night, 5 Souls of Sight,Might and Fright and 20 Cobalt and Mythril Bars.

Set Bonus( All helms): All evil spells(Cursed Flames, Demon Scythe etc) use 0 mana and Wall of Death does only 5 Damage(Useful for Farming)(applies to all attacks, even if your smashed by wall)

Chaos ArmorEdit

Helmet: 53 def, melee speed +15%. 10 Souls of Ender, Sight, Night, Light and 20 Mythril Bars

Mask: 40 def, mana +200. 10 Souls of Ender, Sight, Night, Light and 20 Cobalt Bars

Headgear: 42 def, -20% ammo consumption. 10 Souls of Ender, Sight, Night, Light and 20 Adamantite Bars

Breastplate: 48 def, +10% dmg. 10 souls of Ender, Might, Night, Light and a Hallowed Breastplate

Greaves: 45 def, +15% move speed. 10 Souls of Ender, Might, Night, Light and Hallowed Greaves

Melee Bonus: Knockback and damage +20%

Ranged Bonus: Ammo Consumption -40%(can's go any higher or it will be 105% with UltiShark )

Mana Bonus: Mana damage +25%




Light's Master(Broadsword): Drops from WoD(rare) 70dmg, has AutoFire, gives of same light as Excalibur, Average Knockback, Fast speed

Rapier of Unlife(Broadsword): 15 Souls of Ender, 40 Souls of Fright and 30 Souls of Night at Demon Altar. 80dmg, extra damage towards Hallow mobs, gives off Night's Edge light, Strong Knockback, Average Speed.

Pain Inducer(Flail): 10 Souls of Ender, 30 Souls of Might, 20 Souls of Night and 20 Souls of Sight at Mythril Anvil. 68dmg, chance to poison, gives off no light, Strong Knockback, Average Speed.

Spear of Eternity(Spear): 10 Souls of Ender,Fright,Might and Sight and a Gungnir at Tinkerer's Workshop. 73dmg, slows mobs, gives off Gungnir light, Average Knockback, Very Fast speed.



Feather Rifle: Drops from WoD, shoots Harpy Feathers, 50dmg, Weak Knockback, Average Speed, Feathers Pierce 4 enemies.

UltiShark: Drops from WoD, shoots any kind of bullet, 42dmg, very weak Knockback, Insanely Fast Speed, 60% chance not to consume ammo.

Nitro Cannon: Star Cannon, 50 Meteorite Bars, 20 Souls of Might and Fright at Mythril Anvil, shoots Fallen Stars, 70dmg, no knockback, fast speed, 30% chance not to consume ammo.

Stone Gun: Sandgun, 10 Antlion Mandibles, 20 Stone Blocks and 5 Souls of Night at Mythril Anvil, shoots Stone Blocks, 50dmg, strong knockback, slow speed, uses stone block as ammo.

Purifier: Flamethrower, 2 illegal gun parts, 1 diamond, 99 pixie dust and 5 souls of Fright at Mythril Anvil, uses Gel like Flamethrower, 36dmg, weak knockback, insanely fast speed, can set enemies on fire and attack is similar to flamethrower.



Pixie Blaster: 99 Pixie Dust, 20 Unicorn Horns, 15 Souls of Light and Sight, Phoenix Blaster and 40 Gold Bars at Mythril Anvil. 10mana, 60dmg, strong knockback, fast speed, shoots lasers like Laser Rifle but is a Handgun shape.

Staff of Overgrowth: Staff of Regrowth, 50 Jungle Spores, 20 Vines, 20 Grass seeds, 1 Diamond, 1 Ruby at Mythril Anvil. 12mana, 64dmg, Strong Knockback, slow speed, shoots a Thorned Vine Projectile at the mouse cursor. Projectile creates vines and grass on ceilings, grass on floors and walls on impact. Does 70dmg against Jungle mobs and doesn't bounce.

Corrupt Scepter: Rainbow Rod, 99 Demonite Bars, 32 Demonite Ore, 30 Souls of Night and 5 Souls of Ender at Demon Altar. 15mana, 73dmg, Average Knockback, slow speed, shoots a controllable projectile similar to the Rainbow Rod, only purple in colour and does extra damage to Corruptors.

Soaring Sickle: Spell Tome, Demon Scythe, 60 Souls of Flight, 30 Souls of Light and 5 Souls of Might at Bookcase. 10mana, 58dmg, Strong Knockback, slow speed, attack pattern is the same as Demon Scythe but is instead nearly transparent in color.


Phoenix Sandals: Rare drop from Lava Dragons(1/200) Grants ability to walk on lava without taking damage. Sort of a permanant water walking potion that works only on lava :P

Wyvern Wings: Drops from WoD. More flight time than normal wings(8 beats compared to 5)(with spectre boots it has 16 beats compared to 12)

Alien Shard(not equipable): Rare drop from Alienators(1/150) Combine with Wyvern Wings at Tinkerer's Workshop to make Laser Wings

Laser Wings: Made with Wyvern Wings and Alien Shard^ ^ ^. Laser Wings shoot Lasers directly below them when used. Same gliding time as Wyvern Wings. Lasers do 50dmg.

Aqua Sandals: Drops from Undead Divers (1/150) Allows players to walk on water like a water-walking potion.

Strider Sandals: Aqua Sandals+Phoenix Sandals at Tinkerer's Workshop. Allows both water and lava walking.

Pearl of Posideon: Aqua Sandals+Diving Gear+Neptune's Shell at Tinkerer's Workshop. Allows players to walk on water, turn into Merfolk in water and allows constant mana and health regeneration while in water(player must be completely submerged)

Fist of Saturn: Drops from Ebon Golems(1%) When you take damage the enemy will be poisoned. Combine with Star Cloak and Titan Glove at a Tinerkerer's Workshop to make a Peacebringer.

Peacebringer: Star Cloak, Titan Glove and Fist of Saturn at a Tinkerer's Workshop. Combines the powers of all three items into one.