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Boss Fights!! (In Hardmode)Edit

Whale of the Mosaic

It's a whale made out of mosaic, fished using the Mosaic Worm on the Lost Altar. Alot of mosaic pieces come out of nowhere, forming the boss. You'll have to destroy all its pieces, which is simple, but to make this hard, every piece you hit will shatter into a Mosaic Spirit which shoots three homing slow projectiles you have to hit in order to stop. Once you destroy all of its mosaic pieces, it'll start doing an attack which consists of having to stay in one spot, making it tough.


It's a pun of Mushroom and Shroob. Basically, the Jungle will be converted into the Mushroom Biome. You'd want to find it's bulb on the surface. Its first phase is to jump up and down. Sometimes, it'll create clones of it, which will copy everything it does. If you have an electric weapon, you can do plenty of damage to it. In phase two, it acts like Kabloom in phase two. It sprouts mushrooms onto the ground which do plenty of damage if touched. It'll spit out Mushroom Blocks which will push you. It might also spit out three spores which turn into Spore Minions. Once destroyed, it'll drop the Unknown Thingie you'll need to use. Also, the Mushroom gets converted back into the Jungle.

??? and ?!?!?!Edit

??? is basically just a boss fight who uses all pre-hardmode boss fight moves, either flies or is on the ground, affected by collision. ?!?!?! is the same, but it uses both pre-hardmode AND hardmode boss fight moves.

Solar CultistEdit

It's just the Lunar Cultist all over again...

Solar EventsEdit

It's the Lunar Events all over again, but instead of Solar, Vortex, Nebula, and Stardust, there's:

  • Wormhole - Abyss Damage.
  • Shooting - Thrown Damage.
  • Terra - Nature Damage.
  • Ring - Defensive Damage.

Sun LordEdit

Again, it's just the Moon Lord all over again. But instead of Moon Bite, it uses Sun Bite, which prevents you from defending yourself.


Yeah. So much I couldn't place it. It's just all boss fights you've fought in Hardmode and Pre-Hardmode mashed into a single boss fight, but are more powerful. Also, you get Super Horrified, which is a Hardcore Horrified.


Of course, there was a removed feature, Essence. Essence is dropped from various enemies and instead is replaced with The Twelve Legends. Also, you get access to Endlessmode Biome Keys and Chests.

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