After killing Duke Fishron the message "The Underworld has Flooded with Water!"

This spawns the Underwaterworld in place of the Underworld.


All lava becomes water, and the brickes turn into Aquadite.


Needs a Picksaw to mine.

Tooltip : Its like jello to the touch.

Prevents Fall Damage, and lava dissolves on contact.

Aquadite Furnace

Made with 5 Water Flames, and 8 Aquadite.

Makes items craftable.


Aquadite Pike

34 Melee Damage (13 Magic Damage)

Tooltip : Creates water opon swing.

Made with 10 Aquadite

Aquadite Grenade

60 Ranged Damage

Tooltip : Fires aqua arrows in the air.

Made with 2 Aquadite

Tidal Staff

100 Magic Damage

No Knockback

Slow Speed

Tooltip : Creates a Expanding Wave

(Grows up to 500%, and a damage increases up to 100%.)

Made with 35 Aquadite

Hydro Pump

200 Ranged Damage

Insane Knockback

Tooltip : Fires a Hydro Pump while in water.

(Drains water too)

Made with 45 Aquadite.


70 Ranged Damage

Weak Knockback

Uses Aqua Flames as ammo.

Shark Chest

Replaces Shadow Chests.


Aqua Torch (1-15)

Works in Water.

Aqua Gem (25-49)

Creates light in the dark only.

Biome Box (One for Pure, Corrupt, Hallow and Jungle)

Give it 5 Gold and it will spread a biome about 100 Blocks.


Water Serphent

HP : 1500

Damage : 125

Defense : 32

Mindflayer (Mage)

HP : 600

Damage : 80

Defense : 64

Fishron Bat

HP : 170

Attack : 45

Defense : 17

Hydro Pumper (Man Eater like Enemy) (Very Rare)

HP : 5000

Attack : 200

Defense : 65

Will Fire a Water Pump if the player is out of range, probably best killed with a spear.

Atlantian (A demon enemy)

HP : 780

Attack : 45 (32 for its sickle)

Defense : 80 (20 on charging)

Charges sometimes, and shoots a Atlanits Scythe,

Leviathan (Worm Enemy, summons after killing 2 Hydro Pumpers)

HP : 17,000

Attack : 128 (40 ranged)

Defense : 61

Fires Spikes when Damaged.

Fist of Neptune (The Boss, summons on a blood moon)

HP : 38,000

Attack : 152 (130 in second form)

Defense : 80 (30 in Second Form)

Phaze one will charge or slam into the player knocking it across the screen.

Phaze two happens when the hand looses the wrist and the hand grows a eye,

It hovers and spawns Ash Demons, and will sometimes spin in circles, or shoot lasers.


Neptunes fist (25%)

Atlantic Crossbow(15%)

50-80 Aquadite

Submarine (13%)

Aqua Arrows 60-120 (100% with Atlatic Crossbow)

Neptunes Fist (Like the Golem Fist)

90 Melee Damage

Strong Knockback

Fast Speed

Atlantic Crossbow

75 Ranged Damage

Weak Knockback

Fast Speed

Aqua Arrow

20 Ranged Damage

Weak Knockback

Submarine (Summon)

Tooltip : Allows 25 Minutes in water, and produces light.

Cannot attack while Riding

Ash Demon

HP : 50

Attack : 50

Defense : 200 Circles around Neptunes Fist, then launches at player,

Monsters Drop 1-13 Water Flames.