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New Era ModeEdit

So this is my blog for New Era Mode. The Mode after Hard-mode. Note: This is only an idea. While I would like to make it a mod, and it'd be amazing to become part of the vanilla game, it probably won't happen.

New Era Mode RequirmentsEdit

So this is the Mode after Hardmode, it does not so much change in actual difficulty, but it certainly does change the game. It is started after you get the Scientist Npc. How do you do this? Easy. Kind of. You see, you must make a computer. This is done by collecting 5 Wires, 35 Adimantium Bars, 20 Iron Bars, 2 Glass, and 10 Crystal Shards. It can be placed on a table or workbench. It is something one interacts with, like the Sign. Right clicking it opens up a sort of menu, in which on can tell it is an E-mail. This is actually a Hardmode object, but is needed to enter the New Era mode. It allows for E-mails to be sent to your character, from Npc's. For example, the Merchant might have found a rare object that you might be interested in. He'll E-mail you about it. A computer DOES NOT have to be present in the Npc's house for them to be able to E-mail you. Anyways, after you read the E-mail, you will have a certain amount of time to go and buy that object from him. The E-mail could also be used to message people in seperate games! (Maybe, I'm still iffy on that idea, but it would definantly be cool to see it in the game) So basicaly, you get a HUGE new feature in the game. Eventually, however, you would get an E-mail from a mysterious person. The Scientist. He tells you that he has found a shocking discovery about the world, and requests sanctuary with you immeadiatly. This E-mail requires that you have ALL Npc's, have defeated all of the Hardmode bosses, and have had a computer for 72 hours in real time. After those requirments are met, you get the E-mail, and can go save him.

The ScientistEdit

The Scientists purpose adds sort of a story line to Terraria, about as much as the Dryad does with the world status. He can be found on any one of the random floating islands in the world after you get the E-mail from him. New Era Mode does not start until you un-bind him. (He is found bound up inside the building on the floating island) After he moves into the house you built for him, (All requirments must be met, and it must have a computer inside of it.) he tells you that the Underworld is rising from below, and will soon take over the world. You must either find a way to stop it, or avoid it. He tells you that he will work on some blueprints for some objects that will help. He sends you an E-mail for each object he invents, giving instructions on what you require to build it. One of the first few things he invents are a fan, an engine, metal plating, and a control panel. These are vital for survival in this New Era.

New ContentEdit

The New Era Mode introduces a lot of new features into the game, and also gives it more of a Steampunk feel. Iron and Copper play a HUGE role in it, becoming the main building material for almost all furniture and accesories. Metal bricks, Copper pipes, Metal Plating, etc. (Those are all mostly aesthetical) All made with Iron or Copper. Guns also play a bigger role. Instead of chests and pots having mostly arrows in it, you will find Musket Balls in it. There will be new guns, and other awesome features. Arrows will not be completely ommitted from the game, but they will definantly take a backseat. As for swords and the magic, those would take a backseat also. There will be a few new swords, but not many. Magic will get nothing new except for maybe one or two new spells. The idea of this new mode is to be the modern age of Terraria. While swords will probably still be needed, there will only be a few new ones so you can still have up to date weapons. Same with magic. Armor will look very similar to the Molten and Meteor armors. There will be several new steampunk looking armors and vanity pieces. So weapons and armors aside, there will also be tons of new furniture and other things for this new mode. Since the Underworld is rising, you have to adapt your town so it survives.How will you do that? If you read the Scientist section, you should already have an idea. Artifical floating islands. You need to follow multiple steps before you can lift off and survive, though. for one, you need to dig out a huge dock for your island. You must get rid of the background as well. After that, you must put Metal Plating on all of the bottom. What Metal Plating is EXACTLY is a platform like object that can hold sand, water, and lava, and can be used to mount fans. It can be mounted on all four sides of a block, and does not take up a block itself. It is literally, plating. You cannot jump through plating, either. So, you must line the bottom of your island with Metal Plating, and mount fans on the plating. After that, it would be wise to hollow out your new island except for the blocks the platings attatched to. That way you can build your new area. You don't need to do that, but I think it's a pretty good idea. Anyways, you will at least need a cave at the bottom of your island. For the engines. You place one engine for every fan you have. Fans can only lift whatever their width is, and if they are covering a certain area, yet that area is connected to land still, your fan will be useless. So, you put an engine for every fan, and connect each pair with wires. (Maybe something else, since I'm not actually sure what Wires do) After you connect them, you need a control panel. As long as you have a wire connecting the control panel to each of the engines, it does not matter where your control panel is. Either way, you need the control panel to be on your island. Once you are done connecting wires and placeing engines, you are ready for take off! You will be able to control how far up or down you move, and if you mounted fans on the side of your island, you can move it to the side. This way, you can be sure to have complete control over your new home. This seems to be the only way to lead your Npc's to safety when the Underworld rises. But, how will you get back down when you eventually run out of resources and need to mine for more iron and what not? Simple, the Airship.


The Airship is a vehicle that one can use to fly around his/her world. It requires an Airdock to officially land, which is created by simply putting wooden platforms on a ledge. Other then that, it can only float above the ground, and boarded/unboarded by jumping onto it. It can be created with four red baloons, metal plating, iron chains, and one fan. After having it for a while, you will get a E-mail from a new Npc called: the Pilot. This Npc does not require a house, for he just sits there on the airship until you need him. To use him, you just need to talk to him.A rough idea of what the airship would look like. Not my sketch. and select the choice: Fly me! At that point a map of your world will pop up, and you will select a destination. He will then fly you there, and you will be able to defend your airship. The airship is big enough for four players to stand on it side by side, not including the piloting section. Basically, the Airship will look like the picture to the right, just with the blimp turned around, and the fan on the other side. The part that comes up will be the piloting section, and will be just like a podium, not a cockpit. Players can move around on the flat part.

The Rising of the UnderworldEdit

The Rising of the Underworld is the reason why you must create a floating island in order to survive. The surface of your world is overtaken by the forces of hell, and everything you ever built is nearly destroyed. Most signs will survive, so if you put land mark signs or soemthing, you can look back and say: "Wow, it looks like hell, now." When the Underworld breaches the surface, Corruption and Hallow all but disappear from the world. Corruption pits close up, and new holes are created. Hellevators. They are lined in Hellstone, and are perfectly straight down. They usually open up into lava. All trees disappear, and dirt/sand is replaced by ash blocks. Stone is replaced by Hellstone. Ores remain there, mostly. Upon rising, a message will appear saying: "The Underworld is rising!" You then have three minutes to take off if you haven't already, or to do any last minute things. When time is up, a message will read: "Hell is loose!" And the hellevators will open up, lava bursting out of them. There will be a maximum of 11 hellevators for a large world, in any random location. The timing of each hellevator is random, so one might open, then about a minute later three more open, and then the next day the rest open. Either way, when this happens, monsters will fly up from the holes, bone serpents will be flying everywhere, and it will be very dangerous. It is not recommended to be on the ground when Hell rises. The amount of enemies will decrease when you wait a while to go down.

New Era Mode EnemiesEdit

Regular MobsEdit

Regular mob enemies will mostly be the same as the ones found in the Underworld, with the exception of a few new ones. Here is a list and description of them:

Flaming SkeletonEdit

This new enemy is basically just another skeleton, that's red, and is on fire. It has a 50% chance to be holding a Shortsword. The type of shortsword will be made out of a random material. It has the same health as a demon, and has a 45% chance of setting you on fire.

Demon LordEdit

The Demon Lord is a enemy mob that has a demonite bow and uses unholy arrows. He has 250 hp, and average defense. He is usually near other demons, and will attack you only when you kill all of the other demons in the area. This enemy drops a Demon Lord Shard, which is required when summoning a boss.

Corrupt Bone SerpentEdit

This is an enemy that can only be spawned within the Corrupted area of the new world, even though there is no new biome for the Corruption zones when the Underworld rises, the area is still marked. Upon contact, you will get the Darkness and the Poisoned debuffs. He has the same amount of health as the regular bone serpent. It will also look the same, just with a purple tint.

Demon EaterEdit

The Underworld version of the Eater of Souls. Only found in the Corrupted area of the Underworld, similar to the Corrupt Bone Serpent. Gives the Silenced debuff.

Dark UnicornEdit

Found only in the Underworld section that used to be the Hallow, this functions the same way as the regular Unicorn, but is colored differently. Gives the Broken Armor debuff.

Evil PixieEdit

Similar to the Pixie, the Evil Pixie gives you the Slow debuff, but has 50% more health.

Unique EnemiesEdit

There will be a few unique enemies entered into the world, mini-bosses or rare enemies.

Statue MimicsEdit

Similar to regular mimics, but look like the statues found throughout the world, the statue object will jump off its base, and start floating around, trying to attack you. Upon death, it drops a random item that the statue is based upon. (Sword statues drop random swords, etc. etc.)

Monster BunniesEdit

These bunnies will randomly spawn in your world during daytime. They look like Corrupt Bunnies, but when approached, grow tentacles that lash out at you. These enemies are easier to kill with ranged weapons. Adding more to the importance of guns.


This enemy is a mini-boss, found usually underground. They look like a random splotch of normal Stone. Upon moving within range, they break apart from the wall, and take form. They are approximatly two times the size of the players, and have two glowing eyes. They are slow, and destroy blocks that they pass through. Upon death they drop 250 of whatever ore they are made of, and have a 50% chance of dropping a golem totem, which must be combined with three other of its kind to create the Golem Necklace, which when worn, increase the players height to 4 blocks. each Golem also has a 25% chance to drop a random piece of Golem Armor, which can only be worn when wearing the Golem Necklace, and gives the player 50 health per piece.


There will be an upgraded version of each of the three bosses, plus a new boss. These uprgraded bosses will only be based on the normal version of that boss, but will be nearly completely different.


This boss is the upgraded version of the Eye of Cthluthlu. This boss is summoned by dropping a Darkness Lord Satue into the ocean (Which becomes lava when the Underworld rises). The Darkness Lord statue is crafted with 5 Demon Lord shards and 35 Hellstone bars. Cthulthu rises from the lava ocean, and gives you the Horrified debuff. The only thing is, the debuff stops you from leaving the ocean area. Despite the sketch of him that can be found on the wiki, he is not tall and buff. He is actually just a giant octopuss head, with a missing eye (Eye of Cthulthu reference, of course.) He uses his tentacles to whip out at you, causing 25 damage each hit. He has 30,000 health. Upon death he drops a platinum coin, 35 gold, and the Hour Glass base. The Hour Glass is the final boss summoning item, which must be built from the items collected from each of the bosses.

Bone DestroyerEdit

This boss is the upgraded version of the Destroyer. It will look similar to the Eater of Worlds, but will have chunks of bone sticking out of it. It has the same stats as the Destroyer, however, fighting him gives a twist. He summons a new type of Bone serpents, about ten to fifeteen, to come and help him. They are special to this boss, similar to the Hungry and the WoF. They are they same stats as a regular bone serpent, however, react like the EoW or the Destroyer. When you cut them in half, you now have two. So the boss himself, and all of his minions would do this. He would be summoned by placing the Hour Glass base on the statue base in the dungeon (It spawns when the Underworld rises.). A message will show on the bottom of the screen saying: "Your challenge has been accepted. Prepare." After that you have about thirty seconds to get to an ideal place, or prep up before a message shows saying: "The Bone Destroyer is here!" And then you fight him. Upon death, he drops another platinum coin, 40 gold, and the Hour Glass jar.

Demon LordEdit

This is the final boss of the new three. He is the upgraded version of both Skeletrons. He looks about the same, only he has a demon face, horns, a body, and wings. He is summoned when you put the jar on the Hour Glass base. You will read a message saying: "There has been a siege on your town!" You then must go to your artificial floating town, and fight the final boss. He is about three times larger then an ordianry demon, and summons all sorts of demons to fight for him. He has 20,000 health, 35 defense, and touching him period deals out thirty damage (Too much? Too little? If so, please give something more reasonable in comments. But before you do, read the part about each stage.). He would have three stages. One where he is in his regular demon form, another where he's armless and breathes fire, and the final stage where he becomes a black hole, and flies around in the same patterns as Skeletron Prime's head. Each time you defeat him in one stage, all of his health will reset again. Upon death he drops two platinum, 60 gold, 25 of each ore in the entire game so far, and the Sands of Time. The Sands of Time is the last item needed to complete the Hour Glass. But, when you place the Sands in the Hour Glass (Right clicking with the sands selected), nothing happens. The answer can be found where all answers can be found. The Computer!

Summoning the Final BossEdit

After building the Hour Glass at the statue base in the dungeon, you must return home, to your computer. You will have an E-mail from the Scientist (Or you can go straight to him.) He tells you not how to summon the boss, but how to stop the Underworld. Nuclear power. However, this power requires an element called "Aether", which is not known to this world, or dimension. He says that you will need to get it from the Eternal Realm, an empty, lifeless plain, in which you are the pawn of a greater being. After clicking the hour glass option on his dialouge options, he says that this is a gateway to the Eternal Realm, and that you must finish it in order to get to the Aether. You then choose the "Pillars" option, and he goes into detail about how he can create pillars to connect the bases (top and bottom) and finish the hour glass. He says he can craft them for you, but he requires certain materials. 25 of each ore, and three platinum. This should be easy to do, since you got all of those from the bosses. Once you do this, he crafts the pillars, and you must take them to the Hour Glass statue, and place them. A portal then teleports you to the "Eternal Realm"

The Eternal Realm and The Lord of TimeEdit

Once you enter the realm, you will notice that you are standing on sand. Endless and endless fields of flat sand.You cannot mine the sand, however, nothing works. The Background is black, with just a few dots. The screen will then vibrate, and a message will appear at the bottom saying: "The Lord of Time is approaching". Then, the Old Man walks on screen. Talking to him will reveal that he was cursed because he mis-used his powers, and you freed him. The Clothier is actually a split side of him, the mortal side of him. If you choose: "Back to the curse, tyrant." He will instantly turn into the Lord of Time, a golem thats five times bigger then the player, and walkes on the same floor as you. You can pass through him, however, this will result in him trying to smash you into the ground. That, actually, is his only attack. Other then that, he has 100,000 health (Too little?) and 50 defense. One hit from him will kill you, but he is pretty slow. He has the ability to slow you down, and summon "Time Mummies", which give the Confsued debuff, and are clear, except for their white outlines. Upon destruction, the Lord of Time drops 10 platinum, a "Aether Grail", and a "Time Lord's outfit" (Doctor Who reference). You would immeadiatly be sent back to the Hour Glass statue. However, there will be no Hour Glass there, and there will be one in your inventory called: "The Hour Glass of All". This will come into play later in the game, however, is useless as of now.

Leaving New Era ModeEdit

Leaving New Era mode is pretty simple, it requires you to give the Aether Grail to the Scientist, who then uses it to create Nuclear Bombs. However, without a targetting system, they are useless, and extremely unpredictable. You must then create a Control Center, which is done by combining four computers. (Could already be done before this point, but the C.C. would have been useless then.) After placing that in your home, you activate it by right clicking it. A map appears on your screen, showing you the Underworld, Corruption, and Hallowed section. (World will be all Underworld.) You then would select "Fire", then left click anywhere on the map you want to launch a nuke. It takes about 5 bombs to clear out a large world of Underworld. All of the Npc's at that point will tell you that it is safe to go down. But, when you do, you will find that you are no longer in a world you recognize. You are in an Apocalypse. This starts, Apocalypse mode.

Thank you for your opinions!Edit

Thank you for reading all of this, I know it was a lot. A bit too much, maybe. But I want to let you, the reader, know that I feel important now that you have read, and hopefully enjoyed, this! I will create a Apocalypse mode blog soon, so look out for it! And expect it to be about this long! If you have suggestion for this mode of Apocalypse mode, please feel free to post them in the comments! I will gladly take them into thought. Every single one. All credit will go to you, also.