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Rising Underworld Mode is after Hardmode,if activated before hardmode (Only possible through inventory cheating)would blow up your character.After that your player would spawn in the underworld and you would have to escape.But to Access this mode, you need to have the Burning Eye (From my Burning Sun article)Once the Burning Sun is defeated,somewhere in the Hallow,Corrupt/Crimson,or the Underground Jungle but will only be in 1 spot,It spawns to the closest options it can go,so It shouldnt be too hard to find it.Make sure you know where this is.It can be 12-28 blocks far,if it makes contact with a tree you will get a redwood tree.It is a 1% chance a baby pheonix spawns.But the chance will get higher when this starts to spread.Chop a couple redwood trees down and make a Bulb Stand.You need 25 Redwood and 10 Jungle Seeds.Now,go to the underground jungle,find a planteras bulb,and wack it with the Bulb Stand.You should notice now there is Plantera Bulb on the bulb stand,be ready because there will be 3 enraged planteras,no matter what they will stay enraged until they die.These planteras will easily take out unsaspected players.The process to the new Mode will be a long but fun journey,you also get 3 bosses to fight before you get to the mode!

The Red MummyEdit

1 of the Bosses,This will use alot of materials,5 of them you know and 2 are new. To craft this spawn item,first of all you need 5 Light Shards and 5 Dark Shards,the Pharaoh's Mask,Pharaoh's Robe(Unable to find one of these or dont have a pyramid?After the triple plantera fight Pharoahs spawn),and 10 Rotten Chunks/Crimtane Bars.The Last 2 Are all found in the hallow.There is a beast called a Beasticorn roaming around if yu have all of the 5 items in your inventory,they will charge at sight and call unicorns to help,once it is killed it should drop Hallow Blood.It is blue and Purple.The final one is The Hand,there are 3 hands and they only affect an attack for the Red Mummy,To spawn the Hallow hand throw a unicorn horn in the water.A blue hand with pixie dust on the fingertips will start flying about shooting pixie dust at you.Kill it and it should drop The Hallow Hand.For Crimson,throw a Bloody SPine in the water and a red hand will rise out of the water,its fingertips are only bones and are bloody.The fingertips snap off of his body and chase you around.Once it die it should drop The Crimson Hand.For corruption you drop in A Worm food and a purple hand will rise with worms as fingers,the worms will stay intact,but the worm on the thumb will come off and chase you.It Should drop The Corrupted Hand.Once done,craft the Pharaohs Head.Then spawn it in the desert.There should be a Injured Pharaoh somewhere in that deserrt,click him,he will enlarge to 3x the size of a paladin.For hallow its eyes shoot out homing unicorn horns,for corrupt Slimers once and a while spawn by him,and crimson he will jump and Crimeras will start attacking you.And he also throws red sand at you that takes 100 Damage if you get hit by it.Once dead he will drop a Sand Beast Altar.This altar is one of the most important ingredients to start the Rising Underworld mode.Place it down in a safe place.

Undead GuideEdit

This is the 2nd Boss that drops the last 2 items.You need a guide Voodoo doll,a Bloody Spine,and a mechanical eye.Once made,you can spawn the guide,he will take the name of the guide that was last slain to spawn WoF.He will have what looks like a robotic eye and his spine is showing.He will chase you around throwing The Hungry potions at you,which will summon 3 The Hungry II's every time he drinks a potion,he also has a terra blade.His behaviors are similar to WoF,the Hungry's get stronger as his health lowers.Once he hits a quarter of health left the Hungry's will grow 3x the regular size and get faster.Once the Guide dies he should drop the Guides Head and drop a servered eyeball.

The WoF ReturnsEdit

Now that you have all of the materials,you can craft Hells Summoner (Do not use the altar to craft this,you use the altar to place the Hells Summoner down)Once you place it down,It will say that night "Screams Echo from Down below" and then the next night "You hear a demonic voice calling your name from under your feet" Then the next night it says "The Underworld calls you forth!"If you do not go down to the underworld 2 days after that has been said a hand pulls you down.As soon as you reach the underworld it says "The WoF has Returned!"And the WoF will spawn,he is different though.Because his eye in the middle is mechanical now and there are 2 more eyes on each side.The Mechanical Eye shoots lasors and the Mouths function as the WoF did the first time you beat him.The regular eyes have there own health and at half health they deattach (SImiliar to THE Hungry's)And chase you around.During the boss fight when WoF reaches 75% Health it will stop moving,and then The Eye Of Cthulu,Skeletron,Eater Of Worlds.Brain of  Cthulu,and Queen Bee will spawn.once they are all destroyed the WoF will go back to normal.During 65%Health to the 35% Health period,Skeletron prime,The Twins,and the destroyer will spawn,but not at the same time.Once he hits 35% an Enraged Plantera and Golem will spawn,once destroyed the WoF will drop,but the mechanical eye detaches and chases you until death.It should say"This Is Going to be Horrifieng,the Rising Underworld Mode should be started,The Underworld will rise now.

 The Underworld Is Now Spreading Like The HallowEdit

Well,you started a catastrophe.The Underworld spreads like a wildfire.You need an obsidian skull.End-Game armour recomended,the underworld is not able to stop spreading.But cannot spread onto floating islands unless you make a dirt bridge to it.So You should make a house in the air.By 2 days after the mode started,most of the stone layer will be underworld biome now,Skeletons are now Flaming Skeletons.Slimes are lava slimes.And everywhere is filled with bone dragons.You should notice some ore that looks like Bones.That is Bonetite,bonetite can be mined with a Picksaw/Drax.This will get you started.If you stay in the underworld biome without a gas mask too long,you will start suffocating.You need to make Bonetite armor and weapons.Use 25 Bonetite and 5 Obsidian skin potions to make a Bonetite Gas Mask.This is an accesory.After 5 More days the Underworld should reach the overworld.The Forest is filled with only redwoods.Pheonix's high in the sky too.The Desert is like meteorite burning under your feet.Oceans are lava now.

Fighting the First BossEdit

You have probably killed a couple pheonix's already.Gather 20 of their beaks and then harvest 200 Redwood.Go find the original spot that the first redwood grew.Find the flame altar.And make the Pheonix King's Trap.Summon it.The Pheonix has 2 phases.The First phase it will avoid you at all costs shooting fireballs and spiky feathers at you.The Second is when he is at half health and charges at you.Once dead,It will drop one of these 5 Items: Flaming Feather Picksaw (220% PickaxePower)Pheonix Assaulter XL (Deadly Assault rifle)Pet Pheonix (Fights for you) Pheonix Wings, Pheonix's Beak (Sword)This Boss is one of the most needed bosses in this mode because it will spawn the first 2 NPC's.

NPC HuntingEdit

Once The Pheonix is killed,2 NPC's will appear in the world,one is the Scientist.He will be bound in a desert.He will sell a Nexus Station.Have a really big room for this because the whole Nexus thing will be big in the end of this gamemode and the next gamemode.He also sells some Biohazards,1028 and 5673.1028 kills everything in a 20 block radius.And 5673 shrinks enemies.Now we need to find the Ironfeather.He will be IN THE AIR.Thats right.He is hard to find.But he sells Pet Pheonix's and most of Pheonix's Drops.

Enemies/Optional StuffEdit



Spawned by a water crystal dropped from sharks,jellyfish,or goldfish.Once summoned it will say "Cthulu Has awoken!"If the BoC was killed the top of his head has a crack in it,if EoC was killed 1 eye is perfectely fine and the other is hanging out of his Socket.He will not beable to be killed,his brain will pop out and you will have to fight a BoC that has 20,000 health.Once BoC is killed the 2 eyes will come out both with 15,000 Health.Then cthulu's head will pop out,he will ram you and take 150 damage once hit,but he is slow.He also roars once and awhile that confuses you for 5 seconds.The head has 40,000 Health,once the head is dead(Rhyme Intended!)The body will walk towards you,the body,arms,and legs all have individual health.Body has 15,000,legs have 5,000 each arms have 10,000 each.once it is all defeated you Fight his heart.It has 50,000 Health and shoots heartworms out.Cthulu will drop these,Cthulus FIst (Stronger Version of Golems fist)Dropped from hand.All seeing Eye (Dropped from left eye,if combined with rifle scope will have increased range and acts like a Hunter Potion.Eye Lasor (Dropped from right eye).Cthulu Skin Boots (COmbination of waterwalking and Hermes Boots.)Cthulu Pet(Dropped from head)Cthulu Skin (We will talk about the skin later)And 1-3 Immortal Hearts from the eye,If you are at 500 Health you can eat these.It will increase your health by 5.Your hearts will turn into a bit more Greenish Yellowish Color,In this mode you can raise your health up to 900 and in the next mode up to 1300.And last but not least,a creeper in a bottle.These guys act like pixies but can also kill stuff for you.Dropped from Creepers/BoC.These are all a 50% drop,recommended to try again if you didnt get them all.


Hope you kept your beetle armor,15 cthulu skins and a beetle chestplate/shell makes Cthulu Chestplate,10 Cthulu Skin and 1 Beetle Helmet makes Cthulu Helmet.10 Cthulu Skin and 1 beetle leggings makes CThulu Leggings.Now you have some good armor to help you survive.


This boss only spawns by the lava at night when there are atleast 5 NPC's on the beach.He will rise from the lava and do one of his 3 attacks:Fire Breath,Head Slam,or Tail Smack.When he is using his Firebreath his back spikes will glow blue and Blue fire will blaze from his mouth.In head slam he will Slam His head into the ground and Tail Smack is the same but with his tail.Once Godzilla dies he drops Claw of the King(Weapon) and Godzilla Head(Vanity Head)

Monstrous Super Constructer 2.0

(CUDOS If you get the reference)

A massive robotic thing that flies,shoots rockets,and constructs WAR,HOT,and JET Loaders.It will have 125,000 health.It will Go into a fleeing mode and avoid you.Once exploding.It will split into four Constructers.It will randomly spawn,and when killed it will drop a construction module


Well,you hopefully have a nexus station.there are things in the dungeon called Hearterra's once killed they will drop a Beating Heart.Combine this with a heavy crafting table and surround 2 around the nexus station.These create the next 5 more Biohazards,but we cannot make them yet.Yay!Another new NPC is coming!He will move into any big room with a nexus station in it.He sells items that he researches,he can also combine stuff to make an ingredient for Biohazards.Go find some Crimson/COrrupt spikes and give them to him.He will say "Hmm,I could make something out of this if I had some Red Gel,once you give him red gel he will sell Spiked Blobs,one more ingredient for 145.Give him Nanites and he will say "Hmm,I could make a IPC with this!"The final thing you need is a Nexus Programming-45 or 67.Once he gets this he will make a Spiky Portal.When you throw this,If put 45 in it,2 boulder like spiky balls will jump out and 1 goes right and 1 goes left.If used 67,it will repeatedly throw spiky balls out.

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