"Hope you didn't meet any scary doors which create portals." - ???

The Sky Dungeon is an Endlessmode world which takes place in the heavens. Players entering it without beating the main boss will be instantly killed, even with the strongest armor.


When entering, players should be warned that this boss is "No joke" when clicking "All Ready". Once you click "All Ready", you have to fight the more powerful versions of the boss fights.

Boss FightsEdit

Jungle Watcher

A more powerful version of the Twins. It's eye fires Chlasers (Chlorophyte Lasers) which home on you, while it's mouth spits out an extended flame jet, but instead it inflicts Venom Flare, and it spits bouncing petals which explode into mini versions of the Jungle Watcher.

Skeletron InfernoEdit

A more powerful version of Skeletron Prime. It's attacks are more faster and inflicts Nasty Heat, and it's head gets QUADRUPLE DEFENSE while spinning. It gains two new arms, one which fires five meteors which create Nasty Heat Shockwaves, and another which punches the ground rapidly creating Nasty Heat Rings.

Liquid WormEdit

A more powerful version of The Destroyer. It will now fire geysers which inflict Unholy. It's probes are replaced with globules which do MASSIVE DAMAGE if it doesn't get destroyed in 30 seconds.


After you defeat those, you will get unlimited access to the zone.


Jungle Room

Herpderpling - A Derpling which does a massive jump and comes back with a hard dangerous slam.

Minitera - As the name says, it is a mini version of Plantera, which literally 0.0005% drops the main weapons.

Flowey Powey - It's head acts like a thrown flail.

Seed Commando - Instead of using a rocket launcher, it uses it's mouth! And it rapidly spits out SEEDS!

Boss Fights - Part 2 (Expert Mode only)Edit

A legendary treasure is always guarded by a more powerful version of a boss fight. The other boss fights return.


Enemies don't drop anything except for rare stuff, I can't place all of them else it would be alot of thinking.

Bold is Expert Mode!

From Jungle Watcher:Edit

Seed of the Jungle - Basically anything in the Ring of Purity purifies it to the jungle form. Note: All stones will be purified to Chlorophyte. Handy!

Jungle Watcher Mask - Boss Mask.

Aztec Stone - For Melee class only. Thrown flail, throws a giant stone which launches four shells on hit.

Pulse Flare - For Ranged class only. Fire three laser beams which inflict venom.

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