Skyrite is a ore in hardmode, every night there is a 6% chance that a skyrite meteor will hit, and will be followed with the text... "Skyrite has hit!"

Skyrite Ore

Around 50 tiles near it you will catch the On Fire! debuff and Flare Heads Spawn. Touching it is like falling in lava. It Spawns in balls of 50-80.

Tooltip : Melts the skin...

Flare Head (Same as cursed skull, but appears on fire, inflicts cursed flames debuff.)

HP : 1000

Attack : 100

Defense : 50

Drops : 1-3 Skyrite Ore(5%)

Nazar Skull (8.2%)

Protects against Cursed Flames and Cursed.

Space Key Mold (10%)

Skyrite Bar

Made from 10 Skyrite.

Skyrite Forge

Turns Skyrite into bars.

Skyrite Anvil

Turns Bars into the tools.

Skyrite Tools

Skyrite Tools

Same as a Adamantite Tools but deals twice the damage. (Including the Sword.)

Made with 5 Meteor Bars and 10 Skyrite Bars Each. Other Weapons

Other Items 

The Solar Crusher (Flail)

132 Melee Damage

Average Knockback

Fast Speed

Tooltip : Fires 2 Balls instead of 1.

Made with 15 Stars and 16 Skyrite Bars.

Moon Stone (Throwable)

90 Ranged Damage

Slow Speed

Tooltip : Remains floating in air for a while.

Made with 2 Skyrite and 5 Stars to make 12.

Star Gripper (Grapple)

Passes through walls, but can only hook to Star Blocks.

Made with 50 Stars and 1 Vine Whip.

Star Block

Made with 5 Skyrite and 25 Stars.

Sun Gun

500 Magic Damage

Insane Knockback

Uses Mana Stars.

Tooltip : Uses mana stars for insane damage.

Made with 2 Star Cannons and 100 Stars.

Crystal Heal Potion

Restores 300 HP.

Made with 1 Crystal Heart, 75 Pixie Dust and 2 Greater Healing Potions.

Skyrite Armor

Headgear : 25 Def.

Chestplate : 10 Def.

Legs : 12 Def.

Each increases magic damage by 25%, the set bonus is 25% increased magic damage, perfect for mages.

Made with 25 Skyrite Bars and 5 Stars Each.

A space chest will appear in the middle, it contains End Game Items, but requires 1 Space Key.

Space Key

Made with 1 Space Key Mold and 35 Stars

Chest LootEdit

1-10 Moon Stones

1-2 Platinum

Luna Flower

112 Magic Damage

Weak Knockback

Slow Speed

Tooltip : Fires tiny moons that pass through enemies.


158 Ranged Damage

No Knockback

Fast Speed

Tooltip : Fires lasers that after they collide they seperate into 3.

Space Sword

250 Melee Damage (100 for Meteors.)

Strong Knockback

Snail Speed

Tooltip : Fires meteors.

Star Bomb (2-9)

500 Damage

Explodes in a star formation.

Suspicius Looking Star

Summons the Lunar Head

Lunar HeadEdit

HP : 50,000

Attack : 100

Defense : 50


Hover ( Hovers in a standstill)

Charge (Charges and Spawns Lunar Stars)

Laser Barrage (Shoots lasers that do 25 damage each, similar to the fashion of Retinazer.

Summon (Spawns 1 Comet Head)

Lunar Star

HP : 1

Damage : 56

Defense : 0

Falls like a star.

Comet Head

HP : 2000

Attack : 50

Defense : 25

Acts like the meteor head, but much faster.