Smellemellem Mode is unlocked after killing Smellemellem's Hologram


  • Smellemellem Scout: Has 900 HP and uses a Smellemellem's Broken Sword which does 250 or 200 damage depending on your HP and can drop it on death with a 10% chance
  • Possesed Melon: Has 600 HP and uses the Melonalibur (does 111 damage) and has a 75% chance to drop it
  • Mirrorees: Has 1140 HP and can teleport using a Mirror of Discord and has a 100% chance to drop it because he is the rarest enemy in this mode!
  • Hologram: Has 555 HP and Gives the Hologram debuff for a minute and always drops a Hologram Projector and a Smellemellem Attractor
  • The rest of the enemies are found by having the Smellemellem Takeover event


  • Smellemellem Hamdrax: Has 250% Pickaxe power, 250% Axe power and 250% Hammer power and is crafted with 1 Drax, 1 Pickaxe Axe, 1 Pwnhammer, 1 The Axe, 5 Smellemellem Cores, 1 Picksaw and 1 Copper Pickaxe (This tool does 95 Damage)
  • Smellemellem Pickaxe Axe: Same as Smellemellem Hamdrax but a Pickaxe instead of a drill and does 100 Damage
  • Prime Pickaxe: Has 300% Pickaxe, Axe and Hammer power and is crafted with 1 Smellemellem Hamdrax and 1 Smellemellem Pickaxe Axe and does 111 Damage
  • Smellemellem's Drill: Has 335% Pickaxe, Hammer and Axe power and does 120 Damage and is found in Lost Artefact Chests and can be found in Pre-Hardmode and any other mode


  • Melonalibur: Does 111 Damage and inflicts the Melon Transformation debuff
  • Cholomalibur: Crafted with 1 Melonalibur and 1 Cholorophtye Claymore and does 136 Damage


  • Smellemellem Core: Found in the Lost Artefact Chest and has the tooltip 'Smellemellem lost these' and you get 5-25 in every chest (Lost Artefact)