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Solar Mode is activated after Hardmode. One new biome is added, three new bosses, and lots of extra stuff!


First PhaseEdit

The Solar Mode starts when you complete a few objectives. The first one is defeating Plantera. After you defeat it, a message will be displayed.

"The air grows warm with rays of sunshine."

After this, nothing of importance happens until you complete the next objective, by crafting a Mineral Mirror. The Mineral Mirror takes 1 Silver/Tungsten Bar, 1 Gold/Titanium Bar, 1 Copper/Tin Bar, 3 Cobalt Bars, 3 Adamantite Bars, 3 Mythril Bars, 1 Meteorite Bar, 15 Demonite/Crimtane Bars, 1 Iron/Lead Bar, and a Magic Mirror. After this is crafted, it has the tool tip "Reflects sunlight. It's center is very dark." The third objective is to go atleast +340 feet above your original spawn point.In this area and higher, you will see the screen get very bright and your character with the buff "Uiltraviolet". This just displays the tooltip "You feel very warm, the suns rays are very radiant here." Take out your Mineral Mirror, and use it. When this happens, you will see a line of text say that "Ultra Violent Wyvern has awoken!"

Second Phase: Boss Fight with Ultra Violent WyvernEdit

The Ultra Violent Wyvern has 26,000 health. He flies around like the regular wyvern, and is segmented as well. His eyes are a glowing orange, and his fangs are bared as well. He is yellow and red. Every 3 seconds, he spits out a glowing orange orb at the player, which deals 25 damage but inflicts the "On Fire!" debuff for 10 seconds. Touching the Ultra Violent Wyvern deals 70 damage. During the fight, mobs called "Solar Harpies" will spawn nearby and rush towards the player. They have 650 health and shoot rays of light at a rapid pace, dealing 15 damage each. Touching the Solar Harpy deals 60 damage. After the Ultra Violent Wyvern reaches 15,000 health, he enters a second phase. During this phase, he rapidly shoots out the glowing orange orbs, and touching him now deals 75 damage. He also flies much faster and is less predictable than before. During this second phase, the spawn rate of Solar Harpies increases, and a new mob called the Solar Guardian spawns. It is like a smaller version of the Ultra Violent Wyvern, and has 700 health. Touching it inflicts the "On Fire!" debuff for 5 seconds and deals 30 damage. Also, when the Solar Guardians reach 350 health or less, they start shooting rays of light like the Solar Harpies. These do 10 damage and shoot in random directions around the Solar Guardian. 

Drops from Ultra Violent WyvernEdit

"Ultraviolent Ray"

122 damage

5 knockback

15 mana

9 velocity

11 use time

Magenta rarity

Tooltip: Shoots a ray of violent light that has a chance to set enemies aflame.

16.6% chance to drop.

"The Stoppable Force"


1 damage

1 knockback

1 use time

White Rarity

Tooltip:Pretty useless... or is it?

16.6% chance to drop.

"Sky Blade"

77 damage

7 knockback

13 velocity

Use time 16

Yellow rating

6.6% chance to drop

Solar Cell


Tooltip:Can be used in areas with high sunshine to give buffs to nearby players. Buffs may increase defense, use time, and chance to find rare items.

1-3 Platinum Coins

20 Solar Scales

Now, that the Ultra Violent Wyvern has been defeated, Solar Mode has been activated. Sunlight will randomly spawn across the world, and new mobs will move in. A new mineral, called Heliosite, will spawn in small veins above ground. When you mine it, monsters will come rushing at you at full speed.

Explaining the "Sunlight" featureEdit

Each area will have different levels of Sunlight. Deep underground, levels can get below 0, while near the edge of space, it can get up to 800. The average amount for a area with no added on bonuses is around 100 rays of sunlight. When an area has a lot of sunlight, it can be evidenced by having the "Ultraviolet" buff, seeing lens flare, the screen being much brighter than normal, and NPC's complaining about heat. Sometimes, having more sunlight makes enemies spawn less, Corruption/Crimson spread slower, Hallow spread faster, unique monster drops, and unique items the NPC's may sell. The maximum sunlight in one area is up to 4,000, which can be reallistically achieved. During the night, the maximum sunlight is 150 without using acessories/armor bonuses, so these effects may not be able to help with events during the night. Heliosite, which is the new mineral, not only spawns in tiny veins above ground, but also can be grown in places over 750 sunlight. You can measure the sunlight level in an area by crafting a UV Ray Detector with 2 Heliostie Bars, 1 Clock, and 5 Copper/Iron/Tin/Lead bars. This is crafted over a Tinkerer's Workshop.

Boosts to Sunlight available in an area.Edit

Lists of boosts to sunlight include but aren't limited to;

Placing Sunflowers nearby. This can give an extra 50-500 sunlight, depending on how many are planted. Above elevations of 700 feet in Small worlds, 1300 in Medium worlds, and 1900 in Large Worlds, Sunflowers will lose oxygen and cannot be planted.

Heliosite armor set bonus increases the sunlight levels around you by 250.

Using Pixie Dust in the air. This increases the sunlight by 10 each, maximum use of 40 times. This effect lasts until the next nightfall, where the sunlight will fall below 150 usually.

The amount of Solar enemies in the area. A maximum of 30 solar can be gained from this, so it's not a neccesity but can be used to give yourself a bonus with the Mineral Mirror in heated combat.

For each tree nearby, the area gains 20 solar. Be cautioned where you use this tactic though, as growing Heliosite can be stopped by placement of trees. The trees cannot be above or below the area you are trying to contribute sunlight to, so be careful about the placement.

Wearing the Sunflower Medallion, which increases the sunlight in any given area by 125. During the night, it actually decreases the sunlight in the area by 25.

If there are more than 10 Heliosite Ore blocks within 500 feet, the sunlight increased within the area is 75. The decision whether to keep a few Heliosite ores unmined for this boost is yours.

During points in the day, sunlight can get boosts. The peak is around 11:30 AM, when the sunlight boost can be between 40-75.

In the desert, the average sunlight without any boosts is about 250. It is hard to grow Sunflowers and Trees in the Desert though, and you cannot boost it much.

Random boosts that cannot be controlled. 

Mineral Mirror after Ultra Violent WyvernEdit

Using the Mineral Mirror after the Ultra Violent Wyvern has been defeated can have unique effects depending on the sunlight levels. The cooldown for the Magic Mirror's effect while 70 or below is 10 seconds, but for the rest of them it is 240 seconds (4 minutes)

70 or below - Damages you for 30 health, but damages all nearby enemies for 60 damage. 

71 - 150 - Heals you for 150 health.

151-250 - Gives you the buff "UltraViolent", increasing your damage by 10 for 300 seconds.

251-350 - Gives you the buff UltraViolent and you have a better chance to get rare loot for 300 seconds.

351-600 - All previous buffs, except 70 or below. Knockback increased by 1.

601 - 1100 - All previous buffs, except 70 or below. You can recieve between 3-9 Heliosite Ore when this is used.

1101 - 2000 - All previous buffs. Have a 5% chance to recieve the Photovoltaic Longbow.

2000 and above: All previous buffs. With each 500 more sunlight than 2000, you can get 4 extra Heliosite than the normal pay out. This can give you a maximum of 25 Heliosite at 4,000 sunlight, meaning if you get the maximum you can get 50 heliosite per day, equaling 16 bars with two ore left over, assuming everything is perfect.

Heliosite Armor and WeaponsEdit


4P0LL0 V.2Edit

Lihzahrd Solar MechaEdit


4P0LL0 V.1Edit

Lihzahrd Robo-FighterEdit

Momma DerplingEdit

Momma Derpling is a mini-boss that can spawn in the surface jungle in Solar Mode. It is like a giant green derpling with yellow eyes. She has 6,000 health, and only spawns during the daytime. It has a rare chance to spawn in packs. It deals 85 damage when you touch it. The Derpling is usually accompanied by Baby Derplings, which have 150 health and deal 40 damage when they touch you. Momma Derpling can shoot poisonous globs, inflicting you with the Poisoned debuff and dealing 30 damage. Every 5 seconds, Momma Derpling will spray a bunch of poisonous globs in every direction. When Momma Derpling is defeated, she can drop 20-30 Solar Scales, 70 Gold Coins - 2 Platinum Coins, and has a 6.6% to drop the Derpy Egg, which can spawn a Baby Derpling as a pet.


Derpy Egg: Summons the Baby Derpling. 6.6% chance of dropping. 

The Stopped Force

Tooltip:It's a broke hammer. Maybe it's used for something.

Sell Price: 5 gold pieces.