The TF2 sets are new end-game ranger sets, based off the popular game Team Fortress 2. (This is a WIP page)


TF2 Sniper

85 ranged dmg.

90% crit.

Average speed.

Weak knockback.

Use time 30.

With full TF2 Sniper armour:

120 ranged dmg (Does extra 30+ dmg when standing still and has 50% chance to use no bullets)

25% crit.

Fast speed.

Average knockback

Use time 25.


TF2 Sniper:

1 Sniper Rifle

30 Souls of Sight

1 Sniper Scope

1 Ranger Emblem

At Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

TF2 Sniper Armour

Sniper Hat:

1 Shroomite Helm (Bullet dmg)

20 Souls of Sight.

1 Black Lens

Sniper Chestplace:

1 Shroomite Breastplate

20 Souls of Sight

Sniper Pants:

1 Shroomite Leggings

1 Tabi

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