New type of class: Tech!

Techs are usually relying on mechs, mech attachments, and other cool stuff. This class gets important after the fight with...


Mechtron is basically what you need to fight in order to get an important material. Let's go to the attacks.


Basically, Mechtron acts like King Slime, except everytime he jumps, he can go through walls. He usually tries to land on you, and on Expert Mode, whenever he's damaged, nuts and bolts fly out of him. NASTY! So yeah, beware. Other than that, Mechtron can also shoot missiles at you, which can't be destroyed. Unfortunaly they're homing.


Mechtron doesn't change, except the rider is exposed... wait, it's a SKELETON?! Anyways, same attacks as usually, except the rider will shoot flaming spit, like the Eater of World's Vile Spit attack in Expert Mode. Other than that, the mech is completly invincible, and will start attacking rapidly, more in a mechanic style.

In Expert Mode, Mechtron immediatly starts attacking rapidly.


  • Nanobyte - Dropped RARELY from Angry Bones.
  • Strangely Made Tech - Used to summon the MECHTRON! Crafted from 10 Gold/Platinum Bars and 1 Nanobyte at an anvil.
  • Rusted Steel - Used to make starter Tech weapons and tools. Dropped from Mechtron.
  • Blueprint - Used to make starter Tech mechs (and armor). Sold by the Mechanic after Mechtron's defeated.
  • Welder - Used to craft TECH STUFF!
  • Forbidden Metal - Dropped from Mechanical Bosses. Used to make Hardmode Tech Weapons, Mechs, and Armor.
  • Advancded Welder - Used to make BETTER Tech Stuff!

TECH ToolsEdit


  • Magnetic Magnet - Creates a magnetic field.  Anything in the magnetic field will be pulled to you. Range is 10 blocks. Crafted with 10 Rusted Steels at a Welder.
  • Shield Generator - Creates a force field which can withstand three shots. Crafted with 1 Blueprint and 3 Rusted Steels at a Welder.
  • Portable Ladder - Creates a ladder which you can climb. Only one can be placed.

TECH WeaponsEdit


  • Rusty Laser - Shoots a low-damage laser.