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Terraria 2Edit

Terraria 2 is the sequel to Terraria. It has some big bosses, New NPCs and More enemies.


To get NPCs, the house of the NPC must have some furniture, light source, and also, walls.


  • Guide- He appears regularly in the world. You need to build a house to get the guide.
  • Merchant- You need to get 50 silver coins or 2 gold coins and a house to get him.
  • Skeleman- He looks like a skeleton and to get him, You need to defeat Skelehead.
  • Nurse- To get the nurse, You need a life crystal or Healing Potion to get her,
  • Hornetguy- Found bound in the Underground Jungle.
  • Tree Doctor-Defeat the tree witch


The ForestEdit



  • Jungle Bat
  • Piranha
  • Snatcher
  • Bee
  • Tree Witch (boss)


  • Skelehead (boss)
  • Skeletron
  • Blazing Wheel
  • Skeleton

Prime WorldEdit

Eyeking's LairEdit

  • Demon Eye
  • Eye of Cthulhu (servant)
  • Eyeking (boss)
  • Twins (hardmode)
  • Eyebot
  • Eyeguard

Wall of flesh's LairEdit

  • Hungry
  • Hungry II
  • Leech
  • Wall of Flesh (Boss)

Hardmode DungeonEdit






Prime World

Eyeking's Lair (other side of the dungeon)

Wall of flesh's lair (When you recieve "You feel a more evil presence watching you..")

Hardmode Dungeon

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