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After aquiring the Hallowed Armour set (Any one of them), attempting to create a new world with the character selected will now give four options instead of three: Small, Medium, Large, and New Age.

The WorldEdit

Corruption will no-longer be present, and trees will take twice as long to grow. 2/3rds of the map is filled with a huge castle, though the world is around the size of half of a small world.

Underground, the spawnrate is halved, but any enemy that spawns has a ridiculous amount of health. A new liquid, Radioactive liquid, and a new "ore", Nuclear Waste, spawns in the world close to either edge of the world.

The CastleEdit

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The castle spawns much like the Dungeon, except much larger and aboveground. The hallways are larger and less randomly-made, with different types of rooms spawning. The walls and bricks, when destroyed, will cause a large amount of Guards to spawn (More on mobs later). Instances of rooms include the Kitchen, containing Cooking Pots, Kegs and (a new furniture type) Wooden Shelves, in which Mugs and Bowls are placed, the Bedrooms, which contains a bed and a random number of other funiture and also houses a new NPC, the Resident, the Barracks, in which contain rows upon rows of beds propped upon Wood Platforms and contains a locked chest filled with random weapons below the Mythril tier, the Toilets, which contain a Toilet (Duh) and a Bathtub, the Dining Hall, usually spawning close to the Kitchens and containing several chairs and tables with bowls and mugs on them, and the huge King's Quarter, made entirely of Gold and not accessible unless the Elite Guards are killed.

New Mobs (Old ones still apply)Edit

Note: All existing pre-hardmode monsters have four times their healtlh. All the enemies, apart from the Guards, are found only outside the Castle.


The guardians of the castle, these enemies spawn when you damage the castle.

200 Health, 50 Attack, 35 Defence, spawns in bunches of three.

Elite Guard(s) (Two Minibosses)Edit

Guardians of the King's Quarter, only the best soldiers are selected.

6000 Health, 70 Attack, 40 Defence, two are permanantly positioned outside the entrance to the King's Quarter. Uses an Excalibur to attack when close enough. 2% chance to drop an Excalibur.

Mutated BeastEdit

Mutated by the waste products of the Castle, nobody knows what they actually used to be.

600 Health, 50 Attack, 20 Defence, pounces around the screen with an AI like a Slime.

Fighter-bot PrototypeEdit

Before the King decided that real Guards were more than enough to defend the Castle, machines were built to guard it. However, when the Fighter-bots turned on their creators, the mission was abandoned and the entire fleet of them were cast out and declared to be killed on sight.

300 Health, 20 Attack, 40 Defence, shoots rapid-fire bullets and moves with the AI of the Goblin Archer.


The Hallow has now turned defensive.

300 Health, 40 Attack, 40 Defence, Pixie AI which cleanses the Corruption before targeting enemy mobs, then targeting you last. It can heal other Hallow enemies.

Sealed BoxEdit

The Corruption has been sealed up in many different places by the Guards of the Castle. However, they could not move them for the boxes were volatile and touching them caused them to suffer injury.

8000 Health, Cuts your health in half when you touch it, 10 Defence, and doesn't move. Upon death, 8-10 Wraiths spawn at the point of death, and 8-10 Wraiths spawn from outside the screen. Any blocks within a 8-block radius will be corrupted.

Tree SpiritEdit

Although living without much interaction with the Humans for eons, the recent destruction of the forests and the release of waste products into the air and rivers have greatly troubled them. They have taken the last stand to keep the trouble-makers out of their territory.

100 Health, 40 Attack, 10 Defence, Gastropod AI. Spawns in groups of 8, though rarely. 10% chance to drop the Magical Bark item.

Sky SpiritEdit

The pollution of the air by the Humans have taken their toll on the homeland of these spirits and it is rapidly being destroyed. Normally non-hostile, these creatures cleanse the air, only attacking when aboslutely necessary.

120 Health, 20 Attack, 10 Defence, Bird AI, but attacks when attacked. Every one killed causes another two to spawn off-screen, but they stop spawning after you have below 100 Health.