The Shadow Moon is an event in Terraria where lots of chaos occurs everywhere in the world


Get ready for your worst nightmares to come to life!!! In this spine tingling, heart stopping event! Well you know what they say, even SHADOWS have their uses...

How to summonEdit

This event can be summoned with a Shadow Amulet


  • Shadow Specter
  • Shadow Spell Junkie
  • Shadow Eye
  • Shade Hound
  • Shade Wood (Mini Boss)
  • Shyite
  • Living Nightmare
  • Shadow Elder (Mini Boss)
  • Wall of Shade (Mini Boss)


  • 1-75 Soul of Darkness (55%)
  • 1-200 Purification Powder (95.7%)
  • 1-200 Vile Powder (95.7%)
  • 1-75 Cursed Flames (45.8%)
  • 1-65 Corrupt Seeds (25.7%)
  • 1-150 Ebonstone Blocks (95%)
  • 1-200 Spiky Balls (75.5%)
  • 1 Shadow Moon Trophy (13.5%)
  • 1 Shade Wood Trophy (Shade Wood Only) (13.5%)
  • 1 Shadow Elder Trophy (Shadow Elder Only) (13.5%)
  • 1 Wall of Shade Trophy (Wall of Shade Only) (13.5%)
  • 1 Bat Wings (Hardmode Only) (23.4%)

Chat QuotesEdit

  • "An evil prescence has entered the world..." - Once the player uses the Shadow Amulet
  • "The Shadow Moon is rising..." - about 15 seconds after the player uses the Shadow Amulet
  • "The Shadow Moon is setting..." - When morning comes after the Shadow Moon
  • "Your worst nightmares have fled from the darkness" - Once the player has completed wave 23
  • "The Shadows have consumed Template:USERNAME" - Player's death message during the Shadow Moon

Created by TMCK

More edits to come later!

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