Twelve Legends is the most OP things you can ever get in Endlessmode. Seriously, they're so awesome you can't resist it. Comes along with a special WEAPON!

Here's what there is:

Format - Set, What it is, Weapon

  • Jungle, Lamia, Derpetal Blaster
  • Snow, Selkie, Sleet Freeze
  • Corrupt, Ghost, Etheral Throw
  • Crimson, Zombie, Drain Appartus
  • Hallow, Centaur, Rain-bow

Then, there comes the seven other ones. (5/7)

  • Desert, Djinn, Bottle of Wishes
  • Ocean, Merfolk(the thing you can be with Neptune's Shell), Globule Glint
  • Fire/Underworld, Demon, Wall of Scorch
  • Sky, Harpy, Cloudy Cane
  • Mushroom, Truffle, Spore Spark


Jungle armor is the Armor of Petals, Bloom Lord. You have to collect the souls from Flyquency, The Overgrown Fly of the Jungle. Here's what this armor does:

The full armor is a lamia with a green helmet with a pink flower on it. The helmet gives you Pure Aura, it's the same radius of the Inferno. Purifies all the evil. The Body Armor gives you dodge chance, and the legs make you move faster, however you can't move on the floor. Wearing the full armor gives you the power to change all crimson and corruption to a jungle.

The weapon is the Derpetal Blaster, which shoots a petal that inflicts venom, and also transports them very high, giving them weighted damage effect, which is like fall damage. With the full armor the Derpetal Blaster shoots an additional petal. Ranged.


Snow armor is the Armor of the Selkie, Sophiarctic. You have to collect the souls from Cryohydro, Big Ice Terror of the Tundra. Here's what this armor does:

The full armor is a selkie/roane with a light cobalt colored tail, the body armor, and the hair basically is a dye called "Selkie Dye" which is not for dying, but for armor, making the hair light cobalt. The dye "helmet" allows you to create an icy shard which fights for you by "using Ice Beam". The body armor allows you to reflect 10% of the damage. And the tail allows you to go fast by slithering, and infinite breathing underwater, and to swim normal in water, but you jump at half. Wearing the full armor gives you the power to slither even faster, jump at normal, and have a sleet satellite which freezes enemies you hit.

The weapon is the Sleet Freeze, which shoots a gem which is shaped like an roundish-octagon that acts like a boomerang, and it also creates an icy trail which frostburns all enemies who touch it. With the full armor it will no longer curve back, but stop in place. It will then grow a shield which frostburns enemies who touch it for ten seconds. Magic.

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