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The Ultra Slimer is a boss that appears after you use the  Gel Device.



Slime Bomb:Does 100-150 damage.

Gel Beam:Does 40-45 damage,inflicts the broken armor debuff.

Slam:1-500 damage, depends how high up in the sky the Ultra Slimer is.

Space VersionEdit

Intergalactic Slime Bomb:300 damage, Inflicts Sticky Debuff

Intergalactic Gel Beam:450 damage, Inflicts Broken Armor and Sticky Debuffs

Intergalactic Slam:9999 damage.


(95.7% drop) Slime Knife:Inflicts Sticky Debuff. Base damage is 68.

(100% drop) 30-40 platinum coins.

(35% drop) Death Blaster:Shoots insta-kill laser, worth 50 Hits on enemys.

Space VersionEdit

Note:This battle (25% drop) Explosin Ray:Death Blaster that shoots exploding lasers

All normal drops

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