aka Trondor

  • I live in The Judgement Hall.
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Blasting.
  • I am The Forgotten Weapon.
  • Judbud

    This place has become overcome. With spammers. Two-sentence pages. Odd characters. There's even a page that has only 3 letters in it!

    The admins are gone, the only thing left is wikia contributers...The only thing I can say is:

    You may have to deactivate anonymous contributers.

    Yes. You heard me, DEACTIVATE. I think I may have made up a rhyme/song/poem thingy for this wiki. (Note that it may be terrible.)

    There was a wiki in great glory,

    Filled with ideas for a story,

    Of a great game, know as terraria.

    Then came the anons,

    and drived us a bananons,

    and made terr-i-ble pages for no pur....puse....

    Yeah, so,


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