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  • LumpZ

    Posting on two Wikis?

    September 12, 2012 by LumpZ

    I suppose I'd better apologise for being inactive for some time. I've had stuff to do at a server, and I've been "busy" with school. I've also run out of ideas for awhile, so I forgot to come here to check on things and post stuff. Come to think of it, exams are coming in a month, too, and I may be slightly less active for this period of time.

    I'm tying to get an idea post out soon and I'm wondering if it's okay with everyone if I post it on the Terraria Wiki too to link to it here? If so, as I'm posting it on both sites, I'm wondering if I should use the Plagiarism template too. Thoughts on this?


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  • LumpZ

    Buffs page

    June 1, 2012 by LumpZ

    With the Buffs/Debuffs page up, I think it would be great if people would start using it. All mention of buffs in fanon pages should now link straight to the part in the Buffs page, and information on buffs in the idea pages are not reccomended. All "Buffs" or "Debuffs" Sections in those pages should no-longer exist.

    And Path, can you make a template to make the process more streamlined? Something along the lines of the Update template in the Terraria Wiki.

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