Here are some summons. Which requires essences.

What are essences?

Essences are Endlessmode items used for crafting many useful stuff.

They can also be dropped by Hardmode-Optional bosses.

Guardian Summon?

They're like Sentry Summons, but instead when they spot an enemy they attack them.

Summon Tools

Glided Food - Summons a Baby Glider which attacks by jumping and gliding at the enemy.

Barracuda Staff - Summons a Barracuda Launcher which launches Barracuda.

13 Bulbs to That Way - Summons either a red or blue Plantera Bulb. Red has a chance to burn, while Blue has a chance to freeze.


Upgraded Biome Weapons!

Pirahna Gun -> Derp Gun -> Arapiama Gun -> Shark Spitter

Staff of Frost Hydra -> Staff of Sleet Hydra -> Staff of Frost Dragon -> Wand of Permafrost Wyvern

Scourge of the Corrupter -> Scourge of the Waster -> Scourge of the World Corrupter -> Scourge of the Destroyer

Vampire Knives -> Vampire Stakes -> Count Knives -> Dracula Blades

Rainbow Gun -> Rainbow Repeater -> Rainbow Mini-Gun -> Fairy-Tale's Good Luck

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