The life of a normal eater of souls guard! (continuation from the royal guard blue slime)/Epilogue

'Hi I'm Esoul(EoS)! No, don't kill me or try to run I'm friendly I swear! Anyway I'm here on behalf of the remaining corruption land (actually under hells bedrock land)'! The slime king was great friends with Ewoarld (EoW) but we are told that your king didn't tell you why. I'll explain about the Slime and Eater families friendship and what the wretched humans did and what we did to them in return.

Chapter 1 - Where the hell did the corruption came from!

Humans thought we were evil and didn't mean well due to our evil appearance. When we tried to make contact they attacked us! They also destroyed our land (well above land) with their purification powder! You see we were under the bedrock of hell! We were being protected from the world above then a human called Orcenay came along and when building this world brought us up from hell into a forest. Due to our aura of evil we accidentally turned the forest to corruption. Again you see we were cursed by Red a god who was like the Uranus story (The story of the gods) (no offense okay Red you are just the creator and such so yeah) with a evil touch of purple. Thorns appeared spreading our evil more and hurting innocent living things such as rabbits. The ground formed chasms and deep within they put our hearts (without shadow orbs the evil turns eviler and weaker) in them. The rest of us were still under hell (hardmode mobs) guarded by the Wall of flesh (Waffle). Hallow also lived in peace with us (that's why they can't spread on each other). If Waffle is defeated we are released but our big brothers and hallow friends will be extra aggressive on humans for being separated.

Chapter 2 - Orcenay invasion

'We had to guard the corruption from the humans or they will destroy our sanctuary (Hell got to crowded and well hot). That is why we attack humans to drive them away (They just hurt humans with their purple touch (the curse of Red)) It was a slow month(24x30 min). No human was trying to get to the chasm. It was too quiet. Ewoarld knew the humans were up to something to awaken him and break the hearts of corruption! After another week, we were off guard then they attacked. Five dozen soldiers led by Orcenary. They wore copper and had copper everything and a weak wooden boomerang but they had Jester arrows. Orcenary fully decked out in silver with an enchanted boomerang plus Jester arrows. They attacked us without warning. I took on three soldiers trying to slice, shoot and attack me. I dodged their attacks like a boss! I took on elite eater training making me a C.D.A.U. (Corruption defense awesome unit). I bit one of their heads of but an arrow burned my tail. I was on my warpath. I used the remaining part of my tail to push one of them down a chasm and if he didn't die the devourers would make good work of him. The last one tried to hit me with his boomerang but to an avail it missed. I payed him backed by biting his leg of. He hopped around the place hitting two soldiers bringing them down with him a long chasm. It was a horrible sight body parts of the humans hosing out blood, bodies of Eater of Souls cut in half and devourer segments all around the place.

Chapter 3 - Ewoarlds defeat!

'I saw Orcenary slice down five other C.D.A.U. jumping down a chasm with ten other men ( only ten soldiers and Orcenary left from the ambush). They had dynamite and bombs. I realized what they wanted to do. They wanted to awaken Ewoarld for he carried 'Demonite and shadow scale. It was the key to create the shadow armor, light's bane, war axe of the night and the nightmare pickaxe. In the past they were an evil set of weapons and armor. They were possesed but they were locked up by Blue' (Gaea). They escaped but some were captured and melted down to demonite bars which was melted to demonite ore and shadow scales. They were put into Ewoarld ('He is our king) as another curse. Ewoarld was in hell but can be summoned every time three orbs are broken (to protect it of course). Ebonstone guarded the orbs and can not be broken down unless you had a nightmare pick or higher or had explosives which Orcenary had. I called the rest of the Eaters and devourer's down to stop Orcenary. We came down but it was too late the humans had destroyed the orbs. We felt the rage (evil) and weakness rise within. Ewoarld was summoned! I came rushing to Orcenary pushing him down a chasm of water. He had to deal with our king hoping that Ewoarld would win. We fought the ten remaining soldiers. I went and ambushed two soldiers. The tried to stab me with their copper swords and burn me with their jester arrows but I pushed one of them making him trip and got hit by his teamates arrow burning him up. I charged at the other soldier. He burned two of my eyes with his arrow but I still was able to bite his arm of making him stumble to another soldiers sword. The soldier was distracted and got devoured by a devourer. We won the battle. We went down and saw the king in parts. Orcenary escaped with his magic mirror and defeated the king. The kings final words were "avenge me Esoul bring whatever is left of the corruption and destroy the humans."

Chapter 4 - Revenge!

Even with 35 Eaters of souls and 10 devorers, we marched to the castle of humans. We saw slimes. That was you wasn't it? (Unless you did not know this is Esoul telling Grene (sorry about the title it was supposed to be royal guard green slime)). Anyway we brought our thorns spreading the corruption with us. We were outraged. We swarmed the castle even though you guys killed most of them there were archers. Anyway the archers tried to shoot us with hellfire arrows. We merely laughed at their futile actions for Hell was our home and we were used to heat and explosions. We dropped a bombshell on them for we were litteraly immune to their arrows. We killed them off but some of them escaped with a leader who threw flaming skulls at us. He also wore a set of necro, a blue moon and a phoenix blaster with meteor bullets. They ran into the forest and dissapeared. We carried Orcenary's body to Ewoarld chasm and burned them both and covered it in ebonstone.

Chapter 5 - Flashback of Slimu and Ewoarld's frienship A.K.A. shortest chapter

You see Ewoarld traded vile mushrooms and leather for gel. That's pretty much it. Oh and they gave each other 15 platinum.

Last Chapter - Sneak preview of enemy of my enemy (Humans perpective and for them to rise again for a while (they are sort of enemies now(continuation of this story))).

We retreated to the forest and Bono in the lead. The forest was whispering. Then a man came out from the bushes. He had full Pearlwood armor, war axe of the night, meteor hamaxe and all the axes from all the materials. He said he was Humat. If you are still wondering my name is Nobo.

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