My first enemy diary sort of thing (green slime edition) / Epilogue

I was with Blacky (mother slime), Grene (green slime) and Purp (purple slime). We were just guarding princess Pinky while we were just exploring a cave (the princess loves to spelunk). In case you were wondering I'm Blu (blue slime), the last of the slimes from the war.

Chapter 1 - The human

We just found some gold when a human appeared with a gold sword. The human had a full set of iron armor, a silver bow with 250 flaming arrows and a enchanted boomerang. I was told stories about humans killing our kind for gel! Blacky, Grene and Purp were mad at humans for they killed many of their kind while I just focused on the princess's protection.

Chapter 2 - The assault

Without warning the human threw his enchanted boomerang at Grene turning him to a pile of gel. I was frozen in place scared. Blacky and Purp outraged attacked the human but to their avail they only created two medium sized dents on his golden leggings. In response the human shot 10 flaming arrows to Purp and Blacky setting them ablaze. Purp melted to gel it was an ugly sight. Blacky turned to three black slime but the human sliced all three in half but the human has lost all his golden protection.

Chapter 3 - Fight or flight

Seeing her three guards die through one human, she went ballistic and attacked the enemy. In a long battle the princess was defeated dropping the on piece of gold she collected. I was outraged, fuming with anger, I attacked the human but the coward ran away with only a single hp left. I carried the remains of the princess (now a pile of pink gel) and my friends. I went to king Slimu (king slime) who was in a black mood when I told him about what happened and about the cowardly human.

Chapter 4 - The recruits

He called upon slimes from the entire Terrarian universe from the Hallow to Hell. He called upon Crimy (Crimslime), Toxiludge (Toxic sludge) and even Dunslim ( Dungeun Slime (he had a thing for the princess and vice versa and of course, like in every love story the father was overprotective dislikng him). He turned me a general along with Crimy, Toxiludge and Dunslim. The King had about fifty thousand soldier slimes with 50 generals all in his command. Intel said that they found the castle of the humans but there was there were 20 humans like the coward apparently they were generals. The humans also had 200 soldiers in copper armor, swords, bows with quivers of arrows (100 normal arrows in each to be exact) and nomal boomerangs but they had 20 wizards equipped with vilethorns, ebonwood armor and a sapphire staff at the top of the tower guarding something. Us slimes only had the element of suprise and also a ton of reinforcements. We went to formation with the king in front with spiked ice/jungle slime (a thousand of them five hundred for each). We started to march/jump to the castle of humans.

Chapter 5 - The battle

'There was a gate and a moat at the castle apparently the humans call it "Sanctuary". We swam across the moat with ease and we climbed the walls to get to the wizards, we were still under the element of suprise when we attacked them, for they were the biggest threat with their vilethorns. I went to find the coward who attacked the princess but I saw him looking down o'n the soldiers in training he was apparently the king. He wore necro armor and had a demon bow , light's bane, vilethorn, ball of hurt, a musket with 500 meteor bullets and 500 unholy arrows.  According to intel while we were recruiting he has destroyed the corruption and Eater of worlds a friend of the King but that's another story. By the time we killed all the wizards and only losing 2500 slimes the coward/king saw us and alerted his soldiers below but it was to late. We ambushed them from above killing 5 generals and 50 soldiers. The king came down slicing down most of the spiked and hardmode slimes. Suddenly humans came from the wall all with golden bow and hellfire arrows shootng our kind. We were losing. All the generals including me and the king attacked the human king. He didn't go down without a fight. With his archers he killed our king and 25 generals then he died. Our work was done.

Ending plus a sneak preview of the next story (corruption's revenge)

'We retreated with only 200 slimes and 24 generals adding me would be two hundred twenty and five slimes left from fifty thousand slimes. As we escaped we saw the sky and grass near the castle turn purplish and I saw little weird flying things. We escaped and I turned to the king and we lived near the beach where Skeletron king of skeletons would apparently protect us.'

THE END ore is it? ( pun intended ) continued by Corruption's Revenge (Still a work in progress unless you live in the future) Note: this is my first fanon/story/whatever please tell me what you think of it in the comments and give me ideas!

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